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Make an appointment

Making an appointment with us is by phone, self-schedule or request an appointment online (schedule in person).

Health education

In our Health education department, we have resources & programs to help you maintain & improve your health & wellness.

Call in for help

For any enquiry or physician recommended health information, call in and book an appointment with any of our specialist.

Get diagnostic report

In taking care of your health, you have access to a wide range of services, no matter your age, lifestyle, or situation.

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Call your A.S.H doctor or send an email to 

Medical checkup

We offer round the clock health checks to patients.

Nursing Services

We manage nursing programs & services for hospitals.


Qualitative medicines to sooth our patient's needs.

Gyn Care

At A.S.H, we put your OB/GYN care needs first.


Specialists in nerves & nervous system disorders.

Sleep Center

We help patients rediscover what a good night's sleep is.


Few Specialists (
Cardiologists (
Physician (
Neurologist (

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Medical Insurance Scheme

We help you take care of your health in an easy way. Your family too.

Bronze Package (Basic Fit)

$14.99 / Monthly

Gold Package (Golden Glow)

$49.99 / Monthly

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